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How to crochet BUTTONED CUFF SLIPPERS OR BOOTIES (+playlist)

I know my blog is a Jewelry blog but I am also a crocheter and loved this little pattern and this teacher so much I wanted to share with my followers who might be crocheters also...So don't fret this is still a jewelry blog  but occasionally I find other crafty things I just have to share with you...lol....

PLASTIC BEADS from grocery bags, diy HOW TO, recycle plastic bags. Hand...

  Another neat project I found what imagination...The sky is the limit with this one...So many options

PAPER BEADS from paper clips, how to diy jewelry making, recycling

This really looks like loads of fun ...Something special you could do with a daughter , niece, grand daughter or maybe a class in school... Safe and Fun ....If you wanted to I suppose you could use polymer clay instead of paper...Just wanted to share this find...bye for now

Silver Sensations On The CraftStar

This site and group sounds awesome. I am going to check it out. If you are a member and would like to leave a comment please do so below this post. Thank you

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SHAPED BEADWORK & BEYOND by Diane Fitzgerald

SHAPED BEAD WORK & BEYOND (Dimensional Jewelry in Peyote Stitch) by Diane Fitzgerald and Published by LARK JEWELRY & BEADING an Imprint of STERLING PUBLISHING larkcrafts.com . The amazing and brilliant author Diane Fitzgerald has had a full life with family, a graduate degree in mass communications and working in the electric utilities. Diane has had a love for beads since she was a young girl of ten years old. So Diane decided to make beads her full time career and has never looked back. Diane learned from many great people such as Horace Goodhue- (author of Indian bead-weaving patterns), Carol Perrenoud (Carol Perrenoud is a bead artist, teacher, and entrepreneur) , Virginia Blakelock- (Working in isolation for 10 years, Virginia emerged as the most important artist of the “new beadwork” movement on the west coast. Her book “Those Bad Bad Beads” was the first modern approach to beadwork; she was the first to describe the herringbone and African helix stitches. Virginia’s work is featured in Beading Across America, available from Kalmbach Books.), and Helen Banes- (Helen was a Torpedo Factory artist from 1983 – 2010. She was among the founders of both Fiberworks and the Bead Society of Greater Washington. An author and teacher as well as an artist, Helen also taught for the Smithsonian Associates Program.) What an amazing group of artist and teachers. After learning all she could, she began designing jewelry with beads and writing and illustrating instructions for teaching and for her very own publications. Diane has traveled all over the world learning and making many life time friends. Diane is an original member of the group of Swarovski Ambassadors. Including this book, Diane has written and even dozen books. This 176 page large soft cover book, is just absolutely crammed full of Diane's knowledge and designs. I truly don't think she left any stone unturned in her administrations to detail. Diane has shown her true generosity and it shines brightly in this publication. I love the photography and the detailed illustrations are extremely helpful. A quick shout out to : Mindy Brooks the technical editor, Nathalie Mornu the editor, Melissa Grakowsky Shippee the Illustrator, Lynne Harty the photographer, and Kathleen Holmes the art director. In the beginning all the ground rules, Techniques, patterns, supplies and tools are laid out for you. This gives you all you need to have in order to learn and make these amazing fun designs. You will learn all about Dimensional jewelry in Peyote stitch. You are also given a lesson on essential knots you will need to know. Like I said Diane leaves no stone unturned . She not only tells us how to do the stitches but how to undo them also. She talks to us about preparing the thread, melting thread tails, forming a ring of beads, adding thread, and how to add 3 beads at a corner ....Oh and positioning beads. Well if that don't have your head spinning we're not done yet...ha ha ...You will learn about triangles, pentagons, hexagons and squares. You will be taught all about Temari beads, chevron pendants, how to incorporate crystals into the design, Bumpy Icosa beads and how to make a five point star. Several of the designs have variations which to me is just icing on the cake. You will learn so many designs, such as the tear drop and the elongated tear drop. You will be able to make the Radiance pendant, Butterflies and beaded beads, cute pillow beads and Moorish tile beads. What an abundance of brilliance you get...the designs I have mentioned and tons more are accompanied by photgraphed, illustrated, and written instructions. I could tell you all the many things you are going to learn and be able to make but there has to be some surprises and believe me when I say to you there are surprises. You will not be disappointed in any way, shape or form. I hope this information about Diane Fitzgerald's book has been helpful in your decision to run right out and get your copy today or better yet order at larkcrafts.com. Thank you, bye for now Jacqueline Marchant , Reviewer

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Aimee Rays Sweet & Simple Jewelry. 17 Designers, 10 Techniques & 32 Projects to Make . Text and Illustration by Aimee Ray. Published by: Lark Jewelry & Beading an Imprint of Sterling Publishing. About the authors: Aimee Ray and Kathy Sheldon Aimee Ray, is an artist, illustrator and creator. She is also the author of Doodle Stitching: Embroidery and Beyond, Doodle Stitching, and Doodle-stitching: The Motif Colloection,and she has contributed to many other Lark titles. www.dreamfollow.com and www.littledeartracks.blogspot.com Kathy Sheldon: Writes, edits and packages craft books. She has written and edited many books, including- Shrink! Shrank! Shrunk : Making Shrink Plastic Jewelry, Fa la la la Felt!, and Heart-Felt Holidays. Kathy says she is her happiest when she is creating. As mentioned there are 17 designers who contributed to this adorable fun book. All designers are accomplished artist and have a strong love of beads and the jewelry they make. Several of these designers have etsy shops, studios and blogs. As I look through this publication at the individual projects they put a smile on my face. So I called them the happy projects. They just oozed fun and happiness to me. At the beginning of this book you are given a birds eye view of all the projects in gallery form of small photographs. They really give energy and enthusiasm to your designing and creating appetite. Some of these projects might even be a way of introducing daughters and nieces or grand daughters into the world of creating jewelry. Then Aimee and Kathy make sure they cover the basics with the help of all their designer friends. You know what I mean by basics right? Materials needed such as: felt, fabric, embroidery hoops, beads, cabochons, buttons, polymer clay, epoxy clay, etccccc. Then they cover the tools you will need like pliers and cutters,, scissors, hole punches, just to name a few. They move on to the techniques you will learn and use. Such as embroidery essentials: hoop, thread, and stitch, tying knots. Making cabochons and cameos. Then needle felting and making shrink plastic jewelry. Along the way you will receive handy little tips. You will learn about adding jump rings, making a simple loop, making a simple loop link, making a wrapped loop, and making a wrapped loop link. After all of this generous and juicy information gets those creative gears in your head cranked up well then the projects begin. For each individual project there will be a material and tool list for said project. You will have step by step written instructions and for some of the projects there will be illustrations and beautiful pictures of the finished pieces. In the back of the book you are provided with templates. Then you get to read: info about each incredible designer, a section about authors and acknowledgments then index. I think I am going to dive into the polymer clay projects first. I hope you enjoy your copy of this SWEET & SIMPLE JEWELRY project book. LARKBOOKS.COM
Jacqueline Marchant-Book Reviewer

The Wired Tree: Ring Tutorial- Beaded Wrapped Stone Ring

The Wired Tree: Ring Tutorial- Beaded Wrapped Stone Ring: This tutorial is for a Spiral wrapped Beaded Stone Ring. This ring is one of my favorites to make. It's pretty, elegant, versatile,...

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Project Necklaces

Project Necklaces, 30 designs using beads, wire, chain and more with 29 contributors. Published by Kalmbach Books, Editor: Erica Swanson, Art Director: Carole Ross, Illustrator: Kellie Jaegar, Photographers: James Forbes and William Zuback . The projects in this book are simply beautiful and come to us straight from the pages of Bead & Button Magazine. The artists who created each project in this publication are brilliant and extremely knowledgeable. Each jewelry artist gives you a material list and step by step easy to follow instructions along with illustrations and photographs. There are projects of necklaces for any and all occasions you might face. Such as a fancy ball or company dinner...Or maybe just a fun piece to lift your spirits. You are guaranteed to find something right just for you, or that special friend or family member. So let these ladies and gentlemen spend the day making your dreams come true in the world of jewelry. Learn, Make, and give it away or show it off, it's all up to you. Check out this completely mesmerizing group of projects. When I say the projects in this book are beautiful , well let me just say that word doesn't seem descriptive enough. These projects are brilliant, stunning and mesmerizing all rolled up in beautiful...Okay I am getting a bit carried away ...Pick up your copy today and judge for yourself, you want be disappointed.
Jacqueline Marchant-Book Reviewer

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Metal Clay 101 for Beaders by Kristal Wick

Metal Clay 101 for Beaders by Kristal Wick and published by Lark Jewelry & Beading An Imprint of Sterling Publishing. About Author: Kristal Wick is an international award-winning designer and a Swarovski ambassador. She has been represented in galleries spanning the globe. She is the author of several publications and she also has 2 DVD's you might be very familiar with these book titles: Fabulous Fabric, Sassy Silky Savvy and Foxy Epoxy and these DVD's: Mixed Media Beaded Bracelets with fiber Beads, Crystals, Resin and wire ...Also Mixed Media Jewelry Making with Handmade Beads, Crystals, Resin, and more. Kristal teaches all over the world. At quilt shows and at beading shows and she even teaches on cruise ships. She has created Jewelry for celebrities . Her designs have been featured in multiple well known publications. She has been a guest on HGTV and PBS many times. So believe me when I say to you. She poured her heart and soul into this book. Her endeavors to help us all in an easy to understand manner is very evident. Here is what Kristal supplies you with for each project. Oh and let me just mention there are 23 fun and very pretty projects. First there is a brief introduction. You are then given the basics such as the types of metal clays and the tools and materials you will need to make your project of choice. Kristal also tells you how and when to use them. She presents you with the fundamentals of metal clay. The firing of metal clay, creating patinas on metal clay and embellishments. Kristal goes so far as to give you step by step illustrations, what could be easier right. Kristal has done all the hard part. Now all we have to do is collect and create. You are given photographs along with the illustrations. What more could you ask for. In the back of this publication there is also a gallery idea book of gorgeous photographs of brilliant jewelry by various known artist to motivate and inspire you. So dust those cobwebs out you know the ones blocking your creations from letting themselves be known. Take the leap and go for this very rewarding and fun medium of jewelry creating.
Jacqueline Marchant-Book Reviewer

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Contemporary Jewelry in Perspective Edited by Damian Skinner

Contemporary Jewelry in Perspective, Edited by Damian Skinner and a joint venture between the Art Jewelry Forum (www.artjewelryforum.org) and Lark Jewelry & Beading- an inprint of sterling publishing. About Damian Skinner. Mr. Skinner is an art historian and curator of applied arts and design at Auckland Museum and former editor of Art Jewelry forum. Mr Skinner is from Aoteroa, New Zealand. He was a Newton International fellow at the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Canbridge, from 2012-2013. This 264 page publication takes you on a detailed extensive journey into the world of contemporary jewelry. So fasten your seat belt cause here we go. First I would like to share with you something Mr. Skinner shared in this extraordinary and extremely enlightening book. He came across this definition of craft by jeweler Bruce Metcalf which he liked very much. Craft is Multivalent by which he means has more than one dimension or aspect. Metcalfs definition is flexible, but also describes a series of tendencies or histories that craft practices like contemporary jewelry will engage with. Most often contemporary jewelry is an object which has been substantially made by hand, and it also tends to be- although it isn't always- made from traditional craft materials, by traditional craft techniques. Contemporary Jewelry has been in existence for an extremely long time and has evolved through the years and through the eyes of their creators. This is what you will come to comprehend when you read this book. Mr. Skinner has been meticulous in his gathering of knowledge and history. The photography is mesmerizing, stunning and brilliant all rolled into one. This is really an excellent demonstration, and imparting of history and knowledge in the world of contemporary jewelry and art. Many of the pictures you see in this book will give you cause for pause. Pause to reflect and ponder the meaning and the brilliance behind the creation you are contemplating. The insightful presentation will truly inspire you. Hats off to Mr. Damien Skinner, the Art Jewelry Forum and Lark Jewelry and Beading.
Jacqueline Marchant-Book Reviewer

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I am a part of Lori Anderson's Bead Soup Blog Party. It is so much fun. You are teamed up with another beader from anywhere in the world and a total stranger. You send each other a package of beads and beading things. You then have a certain amount of time to use your soup. You have to make something with yoursoup. Then there is a reveal day when everyone who is participating reveals their creations on their blogs and pinterest. Then everyone can hop from blog to blog to view all the creations. It is amazing what everyone comes up with. You also make some awesome friends along the way. This is the 8th annual bead soup blog party.

My partner this year is Jelveh Jaferian of Jelveh Designs. http://jelvehdesigns.blogspot.com She is an amazing artist and educator of glass designs. She has a blog, facebook, twitter, and etsy shop just to name a few of her sites. She is crazy talented in her art...I wish I had a tenth of her talent. Her beads are stunning, brilliant and mesmerizing. Check her out you will be so glad you did.

Showcase 500 art necklaces by Ray Hemachandra and Chunghi Choo

Showcase 500 art necklaces is just that a showcase of brilliant and unusual minds. This gallery of mesmerizing works of art will keep you turning the pages . It is crazy wild how some people have the gift to pick up an object and see all the possibilities within it. That is what this book is full of. All of these spectacular artist / designers blew me away. Their imagination spoke to me in so many different ways. Their abilities were and are over the top. I was stunned by the meticulous care they gave to detail. This book is just brilliantly put together. You will see some bizarre works of art and be able to see the brilliance and the artistic endeavors, thoughts and interpretations flowing from them. This book full of ingenious works of art will open your mind to a world of possibilities. The artist used literally everything but the kitchen sink to form truly distinctive designs. This publication would be great to have in your studio to inspire your students creativity. All the different types of techniques used to create these brilliant works of art are to numerous to list but I think they are all used in this book. It is an inspiring,fun and amazing book and I am the proud owner of it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
Jacqueline Marchant-Book Reviewer

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How to Make a Wire Bird's Nest Pendant

How to make bird's nest jewelry

How to Make a Caged Bead

How to Create a Herringbone Wire Wrapped Bead

How to Make a Wire Wrapped Soumak Stone Setting by Wyatt White

How to Make a Wire Wrapped Gemstone Bracelet Link

How to Wire-Wrap Beach Glass the Easy Way

Tried-and-Tested Wire Wrapping Tutorial for Pendants

Origami Owl Simple Vendor Show Set Up-Video 3

Origami Owl Simple Vendor Show Set Up-Video 6

Quick set-up at Trunk Shows (less than 10 minutes)

Bead Fest Philly, Booth Set Up - Beaducation.com

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I just wanted to put this out there for you all...Don't be shy about asking questions or commenting on my post. If I can help in anyway at all regarding different avenues of making Jewelry the different mediums or special tutorials I could post to help you just let me know I will search the world over for the necessary items you want information on. I love learning and keeping up with different venues of this craft. Learning the next and best new way of doing things to make our fun job easier. Also If I can't find anything ,I will ask some of my brillant friends if they know where I might find what you are looking for...Right now in my Jewelry making world I am all signed up for Lori Andersons Pretty things Bead Soup blog party http://www.prettythingsblog.com/ . I can't wait to see who my partner in crime is going to be . I can't wait to pic out special beads to send her or him. Lori is an amazing person, she is battling Limes disease among other illnesses but she doesn't let it get her down she keeps on keeping on...She is one strong willed amazing Lady check out all her sites.https://www.facebook.com/limamike?fref=ts , http://www.prettythingsblog.com/ , Oh and if you haven't been to B'Sue Boutiques blog or store online she is fabulous check her out. She is a kind hearted and very generous with her knowledge. Man she really has her act together. She is a Brilliant person. ...So visit all her sites.... http://www.bsueboutiques.com/ http://www.youtube.com/user/bsueboutiques http://www.bsueboutiques.typepad.com/ http://www.etsy.com/shop/bsueboutiquesupplies https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bsue-Boutiques/123052674404364 I am sure I left a few out. Make sure to stop by her store and look at all the goodies she has and make a trip to you tube and watch all her wonderful tutorial videos. Well that is all I have for you today. Tomorrow I will see who else I can introduce you all too bye for now and keep on beading.

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Crystal Clay: Molding, Casting, Setting, & Finishing. Part 1 - Creating ...

How to Make Colorful Rings with 2-Part Resin and Pigment by Becky Nunn

Crystal Clay: Molding, Casting, Setting, & Finishing. Part 3 - Creating ...

Crystal Clay: Molding, Casting, Setting, & Finishing. Part 4 - Applying ...

How to Texturize Crystal Clay with Rubber Stamps and Make a Bracelet by ...

How to Add 2-Part Resin to a Curved Surface by Becky Nunn

How to do Faux Enameling with Crystal Clay and Resin by Becky Nunn

Tips and Ideas for How to Use Open Back Bezels by Becky Nunn

How to Make a Crystal Encrusted Charm by Becky Nunn

How to Add Mica Powder to Sealant by Becky Nunn

How to Incorporate Organic Matter into 2-Part Resin by Becky Nunn

Becky Nunn's Epoxy Clay Bangle Handy Tip

How to Use Images with Open Back Bezels and 2-Part Resin by Becky Nunn

How to Add Opaque Pigments to 2-Part Resin by Becky Nunn

How to Create a Faux French Enamel Look by Becky Nunn

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Hello to all my fellow Beading and Jewelry artist and lets not forget all the other crafter of various kinds around the world

I have been itching to get back to my bead work and the joy of creating beautiful pieces of bling....I first have books that need my attention for reviewing...I have knocked out 6 of them but have the same amount to go. I like to read them from cover to cover and make a fair judgement as to the understanding of the material and the easiness of applying the knowledge. I also look for the fun and joy I might obtain by owning this book. I also ask myself would I want to make these projects and would I want to wear or sell them...Oh I could go on and on but you get the drift...But once I get them all read and reviewed then I take the pictures of each book and load them on my blog site and alert the publishing companies that I have published the reviews...I love doing this very much as I have a deep affection for books and the brilliance of the authors... So with all the reviews said and done, I hope to get creative once again...Being sick and surgery and recovery have all set me back a bit but I will catch up...I am determined. I am a beadaholic at heart and miss working with them...I also miss making wire wrapped rings so I am pushing myself hard to get back to it... I have posted a few tutorials done by some of our crafty friends. I do hope you enjoy them and if there is something you would like to see let me know. I will hunt high and low for the perfect tutorial for you. Okay well just wanted to say hello to all my followers and I do so hope you enjoy my blog and feel free to throw out any comments or questions you might have, if I can help I will and if I can't I will be honest with you on that end also... Okay well bye for now all and keep on keeping on

Hello all my fellow Crafters and Beading Jewelry artisans...

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Hey there friends and family, so sorry I have been away for so long....I was sick for a long while and had to have surgery then hospital stay and home to recover. But now I am back to normal well as normal as I get...LOL....Well anyway I am ready to resume my book reviews and boy do I have a stack of them to catch up on...I will get them all read and reviewed soon hopfully. Thank you all for not giving up on me...Glad to see you are all still stopping by...I will get some new videos posted soon also...Okay well bye for now and Happy reading and beading your friend Jacqueline Marchant

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SOUTACHE by Anneta Valious

Soutache, 30 gorgeous bead embroidery designs by Anneta Valious and published by Lark Books an Imprint of Sterling Publishing Co. Anneta Valious was born in Moscow. She studied psychology at the University of Moscow. Her destiny led her to France where she has lived for years with her husband and 2 children. In 2007 Anneta discovered the world of beading. For a number of months, she looked at photos of beadwork online and day dreamed. But she finally tried her hand at beading. Anneta is self taught. She learned to beadweave and do bead embroidery from books and the internet. She was already familiar with jewelry made from ornamental trims known as passementerie, having seen it exhibited in decorative art galleries in Moscow. So it wasn't long before she began incorporating Soutache into her own work. She became deeply passionate about creating her own Soutache jewelry designs and she now can't imagine life without beads. Bead embroidery with soutache allows her to create very feminine jewelry with graceful curves and to experiment with shapes and colors, even to dare to build up layers to make dimensional pieces. After launching into jewelry frabrication, she discovered the brilliance of crystals too. When she is designing pieces of jewelry she finds inspiration from pretty stones and color combinations. To begin with Anneta Valious gives us a bit of history on Soutache through time. She then makes sure you have everything you will need to make her projects by giving you lists of materials, tools, and what they are used for. Anneta takes you through the different techniques you will use. These instructions are explicitly shared and accompanied with numbered photos. Just a few of the techniques you will learn are stitching, finishing the ends of soutache, attaching soutache around a bead, making bands, and attaching soutache to a prong setting, just to mention a few. There are many more techniques available for you to learn. Now for the projects. As mentioned before there are 30 amazing projects. Each project has step by step thorough instructions accompanied by step by step photographs. Each project also has a list of items to gather. You also get a list of items needed to make the project possible such as, scissors, tape measure, needles, pencils, etc. These projects are stunning, elegant, and breath taking. Anneta makes it all possible for us with her easy to follow instructions. At the end of all the projects you will be treated with a gallery of gorgeous soutache jewelry. My overall opinion of this book is that it is a beautiful book very well planned out and written. The jewelry is stunning. I think this is a must have for all you Jewelry Artisans. If you pride yourself in giving all avenues of jewelry designing a try, then you will be as excited about Soutache as I am. This is a fun book with enough projects to keep you busy for a long time. Anneta's brilliance shines. She is just amazing. So I hope you want miss out on this publication. If you are interested in Soutache and want more information please contact Nicole McConville at: nicole@sterlingpublishing.com or Lark Jewelry and Beading at: www.larkcrafts.com

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Monday, July 15, 2013

FOXY EPOXY By Kristal Wick

FOXY EPOXY written by Kristal Wick and published by Lark Jewelry and Beading an imprint of Sterling Publishing Company Inc. Kristal Wick is an international award winning designer and Swarovski Ambassador. Kristal has been represented in galleries spanning the globe including Canyon Road Sante Fe, New Mexico; Alaska; the Cayman Islands; Italy; Germany; and the Virgin Islands. She was previously the editor of Beading Daily.com . Kristal is the author of the books: Sassy Silky Savvy, Fabulous Fabric Beads, and Metal Clay 101 for Beaders. Kristal also has two DVD's: Mixed Media: Beaded Bracelets with Fiber Beads, Crystals, Resin and wire and Mixed Media: Jewelry Making with Handmade Beads, Crystals, Resin and More. Kristal is a jewelry design expert and blogger. Kristal teaches world wide at quilt and bead shows and cruise ships. She is a frequent guest on HGTV and PBS. Her designs have been featured in over 45 publications. Kristal has a free online newsletter at KristalWick.com. This 135 page soft cover book has 44 great epoxy clay projects. In the beginning of this book Kristal takes us through the basics on using epoxy clay. She gives you all the different techniques you will use while making these 44 projects. Then you get a run down on all the different materials, tools, and equipment you will need. Then we are introduced to all the very talented project designers. Then the projects begin. Each individual project has a material list, tools list, tips on some of the projects, and templates where needed. To all you epoxy enthusiast and those wanting to try their hand at epoxy for the first time, this book is the one to own. This book, the author and all the contributing artist are absolutely brilliant. The photography is stunning . Kristal Wick's attention to detail is meticulous. Thank you Kristal and Lark Jewelry and beading for this amazing publication.

CREATIVE SEED BEAD CONNECTIONS using wire, jump rings, and chain By Teresa Meister

Creative Seed Bead Connections: using wire, jump rings, and chain was written by Teresa Meister and published by Kalmbach Books. Teresa holds a bachelor of fine arts degree from Mason Gross School of Arts, Rutgers University. Today Beads are at the heart of her Jewelry designs. Teresa was profiled in the German beading magazine Perlen Poesie (issue 6). She has also contributed to Bead Unique and other beading Magazines. She teaches nationally. Okay honesty has always been very important to me. So I have to admit, I have never been very partial to seed beading. It always overwhelmed me to the max. But Teresa Meister has helped me over come my fears. Her projects in this book are not overwhelming at all. Teresa takes her time and shares her knowledge with us all. I love the way she incorporates wirework techniques in these seed beading projects. Those techniques give her designs that extra pizzazz and elegance. At the beginning of Teresa's book she tells you how to use her book so you can gain the most from it. Then she goes through the bead weaving materials and tools used in her projects. Then you get a break down of information you will need on : beadweaving techniques, wirwork techniques, and working with chain techniques. Now the Projects begin. Each project is supplied with a list of tools and materials you will need for that particular project. There are tips and detailed figures you can follow for each round. There are 13 projects but each project is for a set including necklace, bracelet and earrings. So in all actuality you are getting a lot more projects. At the end of her book, Teresa generously supplies you with a list of her resource. This book is a refreshing journey through creative seed bead connections. I give this book 2 thumbs up. If you are interested in purchasing this book you can go to your local bookstores or call the Kalmbach store at (800) 533-6644 and order your book directly. You can also go online to www.KalmbachStore.com .

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Jewelry Projects from a BEADING INSIDER by Cathy Jakicic

Cathy Jakicic is from Chicago but she moved to Milwaukee to attend Marquette University in the early 80's and made it her home. She made jewelry in the early hours of the morning while working the late shift at a Milwaukee daily newspaper right after college. In 2005 she went to work as editor of Bead Style which was her dream job. After decades of beading, Cathy is still learning new skills at the annual Bead and Button Show in Milwaukee. She frequently donates her beaded work to Non Profit Organizations- primarily those who support the arts as well as health and welfare of women and families. Cathy shares her Beading secrets, tips and tricks with us all in this amazing, educational and inspirational publication. I am a very proud owner of this publication. There are certain questions I have had for a long while and just couldn't get a clear answer to. Well no more, I got my clear answers from Cathy Jakicic Brilliant Book. Cathy packs a tremendous amount of information into this 95 page publication. She even explains how to use her book to get the most out of it. She even covers the materials she used in this book such as: Beads, stringing materials, finishings, and findings. Cathy then moves on to show you the tools she used in creating the projects in this book such as: pliers, gliders paste, swellegant, sealants, patinas, and many other helpers like: calipers, beadboards, thread conditioner, buffers, and color wheel. Next you move onto Skill-Building Workshops. Cathy points out and I quote, "Making, wrapping, plain loops, wire wrapping, and crimping are the building blocks for most projects. And Mastering these crucial skills comes with a bonus: the confidence to focus on designing." Cathy helps you to realize and accept that you don't have to be perfect to make gorgeous jewelry. She points out that a quest for perfection sometimes paralyzes the creative spirit. You are taught how to wrap loops, wire crochet, gilding and buffing, bead weaving, plain loop,and crimping . Cathy points out that learning the crimping skill is very important for you to nail. It is escentual that your jewelry doesn't fall apart on the person you are gifting or selling it to. You are taught multistrand, how to wire wrap briolettes, how to custom color dye pearls, and color combinations. After learning all the skills listed above there is a very fun pause for a creativity boost. In this section you do learn how to make the most out of your bead stashes and gather inspiration from them. There is even an updated project that is kid friendly. The only hint I will give you about it is- Childhood memories revamped. In the designing with section of this book you learn how to design with gemstones. You are even given some extremely smart shopping tips that I'm so glad to know. You will marvel at the use of earthy materials such as smooth river rocks. You are taught how to over come the stumbling blocks of using lampworked and other focal masterpiece beads. Sometimes the fear of not doing those particular types of beads justice can paralyze your creativity and your quest for inspiration. Cathy thoroughly covers designing with charms, lucite, crystals, chain, ribbon, bold stones, silver, gold, copper, clear stones, exotic, and asymmetry. I have been beading for over 13 years and I have never used memory wire. I had planned on buying it many times but I literally had too many irons in the fire at the time. Cathy's memory wire project has inspired me to stop putting it off and go for it. Cathy even shows us all how to take an old piece of jewelry and restyle it to make it more you or more current. I absolutely adored the classic update on pearls, it is stunning. At the end of the book you are given a list of materials and supplies used in each amazing project. Cathy also very generously shares her resources with you. Then as if all that wasn't enough Cathy takes us all through a quick techniques review. This amazing lady covers all bases for a major home run. I highly recommend her book. Cathy is a very kind and generous author and teacher. This book is available in book stores and from Kalmbach Publishing Company. To order directly you can call (800) 533-6644 or go online at www.kalmbachstore.com