Hello: My name is Jacqueline Marchant. I am a Jewelry designer /creator and book reviewer for some very famous crafting publishing companies. When you check out my book reviews you will learn who they are. In these reviews you will receive loads of information and my feelings about the publication. I have learned an extraodinary amount about all the many facets and mediums in designing and creating jewelry from these books and I am over the moon that I have them to refer to , they have been a god send to me. IN THIS BLOG YOU WILL FIND TONS OF INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS I HAVE FOUND IN MY SEARCH FOR KNOWLEDGE,THESE VIDEOS HAVE BEEN GRACIOUSLY SUPPLIED ONLINE FOR US ALL TO LEARN FROM BY SOME VERY TALENTED, BRILLIANT ARTIST. i HAVE LEARNED FROM THESE VARIOUS VIDEOS FROM YOU TUBE AND OTHER PLACES ON THE WORLD WIDE WEB AND PLACE THEM ON MY BLOG SO I CAN READLY REFER TO THEM FROM TIME TO TIME AND I HOPE YOU FIND THEM HELPFUL ALSO, I HOPE TO ONE DAY BE AS BRILLIANT AS THESE VIDEO TEACHERS.To learn more from these various artist just click on title of videos to link to all their other tutorials...thank you ... YOU WILL ALSO SEE SOME PICS OF MY WORK, AND SOME OF MY ADVENTURES. I ALSO LIKE INCLUDING OTHER ARTISANS SITES FOR YOU TO EXPLORE. I FIND THE MORE YOU EXPLORE THE MORE YOU LEARN AND BY DOING THIS YOU GET INSPIRATION TO CREATE YOUR VERY OWN ONE OF A KIND MASTERPIECE. HOPE YOU ENJOY MY BLOG AND COME BACK AGAIN . WHILE HERE PLEASE FEEL FREE TO JOIN MY BLOG.


Friday, November 23, 2012

Grand Opening Day at B'sue Boutiques Brick and Mortar Store

Friday, November 9, 2012


I Can Right Angle weave by Mabeline Gidez: from basic stitch to advanced techniques, a comprehensive workbook for beaders. 25 jewelry projects with 475 illustrations. Mabeline Gidez has been creating jewelry since 1996. She has crafted her own exclusive line of beaded finery and also teaches jewelry-making classes at a number of popular Southern California bead shops and at Bead and Button Shows. I have only weaved a tubular bracelet. But as I was studying this book I found several projects I want to try my hands at. The projects are very inspirational. Mabeline covers many aspects of this craft. She takes you through Materials and tools, basic flat RAW, Increasing and decreasing, embellishing, curves, going tubular, polygon stitch (a variation of RAW) and beaded beads. In this book Mabeline treats us to not just one gallery of various artist but also a gallery of some of her amazing creations. I truly feel like this book will appeal to beginners and accomplished right angle weavers or those wanting to learn this particular craft. So head on over to Larkcrafts.com and go to their bookstore to find out where you can pick up your copy of this brilliant publication.

A BOUNTY OF BEAD AND WIRE BRACELETS 50 fun fast Jewelry Projects by NATHALIE MORNU and published by LARK CRAFTS. Nathalie MOrnu works as an editor for Lark Jewelry and Beading. She studied metals and wood for five years at Appalacian Center for Crafts in Smithville Tennessee. She sometimes creates projects for Lark Publications. Nathalie's author credits are as follows: CHAINS CHAINS CHAINS, 500 FELT OBJECTS, QUILT IT WITH WOOL, and the best selling A is for APRON. For the recent jewelry book, Leather Jewelry, she learned and made several projects. In A BOUNTY of BEAD and WIRE BRACELETS, you will meet 37 contributing artist and learn a bit about each one of them. The photography in this book is beautiful. The step by step instructions are easy to follow. There is a basics section which will walk you through what you'll need and techniques. This book is fun, inspirational and just brilliant. Pick it up today you will be glad you did...


A BOUNTY OF BEAD AND WIRE NECKLACES 50 fun fast Jewelry projects by Nathalie Mornu and published by Lark crafts. Nathalie MOrnu is an editor for the Lark Jewelry and Beading team. She is one very crafty person. She sometimes creates projects for Lark Publications. Her author credits include CHAINS CHAINS CHAINS, the best selling A is for APRON and LEATHER JEWELRY. Whether you are an accomplished beader or you can barely make a wire loop, this 160 page 50 project book offers something for you one and all. Each project has step by step instructions, photo illustrations and designer's tips. If you get lost and confused you can just go back to the basics section and refer to everything from making simple loops to sewing beads to filigree. The 28 different designers go that extra mile to make sure you don't get lost or bogged down. Here is a run down of the contents : page 9 introduction...page 10 basics...pages 22-156 the projects...pages 157 to 159 about the designers... page 160 acknowledgements and index. I love this book. I gained mega inspiration while reading it. I would highly recommend adding this to your beading library.

METALWORKING 101 for BEADERS by Candie Cooper

METALWORKING 101 for BEADERS Create Custom Findings, Pendants and Projects by Candie Cooper. This 128 page book was published by Lark books, a division of Sterling Publishing Co., Inc. Candie Cooper shows you how to : fuse fine silver to make your own chain...fashion unique bead caps and ear wires...make artistic clasps to complement your necklace and bracelet designs...showcase your favorite beads with hand-made bails and copper rings...create fabulous textures and finishes...and so much more. Candie Cooper is an accomplished author of several amazing publications. She has been inspired through the years by her extensive travels. Candie is currently creating designs for a variety of companies in the craft industry. She also teaches workshops both nationally and internationally and has appeared on the Public Television series Beads, Baubles, and Jewels. You can learn more about the author at www.candiecooper.com This amazing book teaches is laid out meticulously. Here is the layout of the main pages.... Page 8-10 covers metals broken down by sheet, wire and tubing... page 11-19 covers tools and materials... page 20-39 covers basic metalworking techniques... page 40-124 is loaded with gorgeous projects... Then on page 125 you receive Templates... I found this book to be brilliant, inspirational, exciting and very easy to comprehend. It would be a joyous compliment to any crafting library.


PUSH JEWELRY 30+ Artist Explore the Boundaries of Jewelry. Published by Lark Crafts, editor Marthe Le Van. About the Curator: Arthur Has Holds an MFA in metalsmithing and jewelry design from Indiana University and a BFA in craft/material studies from Virginia Commonwealth University. His works have been included in numerous publications, including the magazines Metalsmith, American Craft, Domino, and Niche. Arthur's work reflects his commitment to the exploration of what jewelry is and can be even as it exhibits the sense of elegance and beauty that characterizes the long tradition of body adornment. In this 176 page hardcover publication we are treated to a look into the minds of all the contributing artist. These Artist explore the boundaries of Jewelry in their own individual art forms. I found most pieces of Jewelry in this book leaning for the most part to be more of an art form than wearable jewelry. Although I have to admit there was a few pieces I could see myself and others wearing. These 30+ artist have amazing insight into the art world of jewelry.


Push Print (30+ artist explore the boundaries of printmaking) was curated by Cranky Pressman, Jamie and Keith Berger. This book is the third entry in a gallery series that explores contemporary artist who "PUSH" the boundaries of traditional craft mediums. All traditional forms of printmaking art is covered here, in this 176 page hardcover book. Among these forms you will find wood, linoleum cuts, etching, screen- printing lithography and letter press with digital technology incorporated. I am not familiar with several of these print forms but can totally appreciate the genius expressed in the individual artists work of print art.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Chain maille bracelet with pearls - Irina's Photography and beyond

I found this really neat bracelet tutorial at the following url:
Chain maille bracelet with pearls - Irina's Photography and beyond
Then I decided to try this out myself.  I have to admit I got a bit mad at myself and threw it down a few times because I couldn't get the hang of it.  But I finally had a chat with myself :  I said self you can do this , you are not stupid, just pick it up take your time and concentrate.  What do you think happened I did it.  Here are the pics of my bracelet which will improve as I make more .  Took me a couple hours to make it I was so slow.