Hello: My name is Jacqueline Marchant. I am a Jewelry designer /creator and book reviewer for some very famous crafting publishing companies. When you check out my book reviews you will learn who they are. In these reviews you will receive loads of information and my feelings about the publication. I have learned an extraodinary amount about all the many facets and mediums in designing and creating jewelry from these books and I am over the moon that I have them to refer to , they have been a god send to me. IN THIS BLOG YOU WILL FIND TONS OF INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS I HAVE FOUND IN MY SEARCH FOR KNOWLEDGE,THESE VIDEOS HAVE BEEN GRACIOUSLY SUPPLIED ONLINE FOR US ALL TO LEARN FROM BY SOME VERY TALENTED, BRILLIANT ARTIST. i HAVE LEARNED FROM THESE VARIOUS VIDEOS FROM YOU TUBE AND OTHER PLACES ON THE WORLD WIDE WEB AND PLACE THEM ON MY BLOG SO I CAN READLY REFER TO THEM FROM TIME TO TIME AND I HOPE YOU FIND THEM HELPFUL ALSO, I HOPE TO ONE DAY BE AS BRILLIANT AS THESE VIDEO TEACHERS.To learn more from these various artist just click on title of videos to link to all their other tutorials...thank you ... YOU WILL ALSO SEE SOME PICS OF MY WORK, AND SOME OF MY ADVENTURES. I ALSO LIKE INCLUDING OTHER ARTISANS SITES FOR YOU TO EXPLORE. I FIND THE MORE YOU EXPLORE THE MORE YOU LEARN AND BY DOING THIS YOU GET INSPIRATION TO CREATE YOUR VERY OWN ONE OF A KIND MASTERPIECE. HOPE YOU ENJOY MY BLOG AND COME BACK AGAIN . WHILE HERE PLEASE FEEL FREE TO JOIN MY BLOG.


Monday, April 22, 2013


Well I finally got an etsy shop opened have only a few items listed to sell. I do however have tons to list just have to get pictures taken...So this will be a busy work week for me. Please if ya have time check out my shop and I welcome your suggestions and feedback... http://www.etsy.com/shop/FiddledeedeeBling ... Bye for now and Thanks for stopping by my blog

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I received a phone call this afternoon from my sister Tammy Stevens telling me to get on my computer and go to facebook. She said you have been featured by Mark Montano. Well I was shocked I couldn't move at first but then ran to computer and sure enough there it was Mark Montano taking time out of his extremely busy schedule to feature my jewelry and blog. Well I was plum flabbergasted . I feel so very honored. Let me tell you a little bit about Mr. Montano....He is an author of 10 craft books. He has starred in several television shows. He started his career in fashion as an intern for OSCAR DE LA RENTA. He then branched out on his own with a collection of his own. His clothes were carried by Patricia Field the costume designer for Sex and the City. Mark has designed for many well known celebrities. Then Mark found a calling in interior design. Mark wrote a monthly article called Cool Room for Cosmo Girl Magazine for ten years . From there Mark wrote a book and then landed on television. During the past ten years he has hosted and co hosted 5 t.v. shows, written 10 books and he has worked really hard to become a celebrity in the world of crafts and DIY. You can see some of his work on TLC"S WHILE YOU WERE OUT...just to mention one of many shows he has been a part of. Please check out Mr. Montano's tons of you tube crafting videos and his website.... markmontanoblogs.blogspot.com. As for me today I am basking in the glow of amazement. Look Out Etsy here I come to open my own jewelry shop. Thank you MARK MONTANO a kind down to earth person of genius...

Saturday, April 13, 2013


SUZANNE GOLDEN PRESENTS Interviews with 36 Artist who Innovate with Beads......... ABOUT SUZANNE GOLDEN: Suzanne is well known among beaders around the world. Her graphic designs are amazing. Her Jewelry designs are unique, bright and bold. In 1994 Suzanne read a newspaper article on bead artist David Chatt. After David's workshop, she was hooked. Suzanne is passionate about creating wearable art. Suzanne later discovered the Bead Society of Greater New York and became a member. Suzanne took as many classes as possible, wanting to learn everything, and read lots of magazines and books. She also did internet research. Through all that media she was able to teach herself beading techniques. Suzanne has since became well know for several different styles. Suzanne always strives for her pieces to make a statement. To learn more about Suzanne go to www.suzannegolden.com ........... In this book Suzanne asked 36 Artist about how they use beads?..... In each interview you receive the answer to that question plus many other questions and brilliantly stunning images of their work and brief autobiographical information...... Let me just say that brilliant and amazing does not begin to describe these designing artist. They are beyond Brilliant, you have to see for yourself. They don't just create Necklaces, bracelets or earrings. Their talent is mesmerizing. If you love beading, I mean eat, drink and sleep beading, you have got to see this book. You will get to know each and everyone of these contributing artist. This book oozes inspiration and motivation....I would like to thank Suzanne Golden and Lark Crafts for this breathtakingly beautiful book. I look forward to the next book in this series of books Lark calls SPOTLIGHT ON BEADING.

Friday, April 12, 2013


BEWITCHING BEAD AND WIRE JEWELRY Easy Techniques for 40 Irresistible Projects Designs by 27 Leading Artists by Suzanne J.E. Tourtillott.......... About Suzanne J.E. Tourtillott: Suzanne is an independant writer and mini-publisher who collaborates with designers and authors in making books on crafts....... This 127 page soft cover book , published by Lark Crafts, starts off with a section on What you'll need. This section enlightens you on the basic materials and techniques you'll have and learn to complete the projects in this book. You will be introduced to some common wire types, colors, sizes and finishes. You will be able to refer to the wire gauge chart on page 123 to help you throughout the projects you chose to do , as needed. There is an overview of findings, tools, wire (curl, loops, spirals and wraps), and finishing (Which is the alteration of the natural color of a metal surface which results in a patina.) The projects then begin on page (18-122). Each project is accompanied with lists of : Materials, Tools, Dimensions and Instructions. The easy to follow written instructions have pictorial views of many of the steps. On page 124 you will be treated to a list of facts and websites of each contributing designer. I loved this section. I was thrilled to get to visit each designers websites. The projects in this book are stunning. This book will inspire you to take the plunge into wire wrapping. The instructions seemed very easy to follow. Not only does each designer share their project with us they also give us ways to get to know them each better by very graciously submitting their websites. Which as I mentioned above was a major plus to me. A standing ovation to Suzanne J.E. Tourtillott, all of the designers and Lark Crafts for a beautifully BEWITCHING BEAD AND WIRE JEWELRY publication. I recommend you check this book out

Thursday, April 11, 2013

MULTISTRAND JEWELRY Secrets for Success From the Publisher of Bead Style Magazine

KALMBACH BOOKS has published yet another brilliant and stunning publications. This 87 page soft cover book has an abundance of inspirations in the form of 31 to die for projects. This book is from the publishers of BEAD STYLE MAGAZINE. There were many Brilliantly Talented artist involved in the various projects. Naomi Fujimoto, Senior Editor of Bead Style magazine, is one of the artist who contributed to this publication on pages 16, 36, 42 and 60. The pieces of Jewelry made in this book are breathtakingly beautiful. I can't wait to try my hand at making many of these pieces. Each project includes a designers secret for success to lead you through every fun step. Here is a quote from senior editor of Bead Style Magazine, Naomi Fujimoto: " Nearly every project has a unique feature or design twist, so whether you're a beginner or a more experienced beader, you'll find a variety of necklaces and bracelets to suit your skill level and taste; just experiment to find the materials, styles, and techniques you most enjoy." Each project has step by step easy to follow instructions accompanied by brilliantly photographed steps ... Before you even start on the projects you will learn How to use this book, Basic Techniques, Tools and Materials, and Multistrand secrets for success. There is also a page that list all the artist who contributed projects and some of the artist History in this industry. This book is available in bookstores and from KALMBACH PUBLISHING CO. To order directly call (800) 533-6644 or go online at www.KalmbachStore.com I am so glad this book is part of my beading library. This book is loaded with knowledge contributed to us by some very talented Jewelry Artisans. This book is Brilliantly written. Please enjoy the following pictures.

Rock Purse Part 1


Tuesday, April 9, 2013


I made this piece on a whim....I had loads of odd lampwork beads and wanted to use them. I went through all my odd beads and picked out all the ones I liked and got my trusty old beading board out and laid it out and strung it up. It still wasn't quite right so I went through all my charms and found the bronze hearts and wala.....Gypsy Magic was born....Hope you like it