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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Lexi's Tips for Jewelry Designers: Juried Art Jewelry Shows - Jewelry Making Daily - Jewelry Making Daily

Lexi's Tips for Jewelry Designers: Juried Art Jewelry Shows - Jewelry Making Daily - Jewelry Making Daily

Polymer Clay Baking Tutorial

Polymer Clay Baking Tutorial

Thursday, May 24, 2012


FAVORITE BEADING PROJECTS: This 128 page Hardcover Book was Published by LARK CRAFTS. In this book Diane very generously shares her designs, from stinging to Beadweaving. Diane Has been beading for some 20 years. She has vastly educated herself and shares her abundance of knowledge with us in this publication. Diane is an accomplished author of 10 other books. Diane not only teaches across the United States she also teaches internationally. She is the 2012 designer of the year for Beadwork Magazine and also a Swarovski Ambassador. I find Diane's designs to be fun, sophisticated, whimsical, delightful and adorable. I find her instructions to be easy to follow and the photography within this publication to be brilliant. I couldn't pick a favorite design, I fell in love with too many. I found myself daydreaming about what I could wear them with.
The Button Doll ornament pictured above is adorable. You could wear this ornament as a pendant, put them on a christmas tree or use them to dress up a packaged gift. These little dolls are so whimsical. I could see a tree just loaded with them .
The Sea Urchin Necklace pictured above is amazing, just gorgeous. Talk about the center of attention when you walk into a room. All eyes would be mesmerized by this design.
The Braided Garland necklace shown above is simply breathtaking. Throughout this book Diane not only gives you one picture of her designs she gives you variations of the design as seen above. Each project has a list of supplies and step by step easy to follow instructions with bead layout figures, as seen in picture below.
Some people are born to be leaders, artist, teachers in various fields of Beading. Diane Fitzgerald is one of those people. She very graciously shares her brilliance with us one and all in this book as she has in her various other publications. Her work is Inspirational. Please enjoy the gallery of a few of the projects also included in this publication.
Check out the Free project PDF of the lovely Diamond Chain Bracelet from Diane Fitzgerald on the Lark blog: http://www.larkcrafts.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/DiamondChainBracelet.pdf

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


The day has finally arrived to use the random generator to pick the winner of this fabtabulous book. "MAKING WIRE & BEAD JEWELRY by Janice Berkebile & Tracy Stanley. Published by LARK CRAFTS. Drum role pleaseeeeeeeee......and the winner is...... Babette of Babette Studio blog. Congratulations to Babette and thank you one and all for entering this giveaway. I hope to give away more books in the near future . Once again congrats to Babette......

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

BEADED FANTASIES by Sabine Lippert

BEADED FANTASIES: 30 ROMANTIC JEWELRY PROJECTS Written by: SABINE LIPPERT Published by LARK CRAFTS: An imprint of STERLING PUBLISHING CO., INC. 144 PAGES HARDCOVER Publication Date May 1/2012 Beading is very dear to Sabine's heart as you can see once you turn the pages of this beautifully written book. In chapter one she covers the items she uses to create her projects: Materials, Tools & basic techniques such as peyote stitch, right angle weave, cubic right angle weave, tubular right angle weave, fringe and picots, loops , attaching clasps and bending a head pin. LET THE PROJECTS BEGIN: In chapters 2 through 5 you are treated to 30 fabulous projects. Each project has a list of supplies, step by step detailed instructions and figures of bead lay outs.
In Chapter 6: In the Authors words, quote " This chapter is meant to encourage you to allow your own projects to evolve through trial and error". Sabine endeavors to help you see that with time comes experience as she mentioned. Then you are treated to a Gallery of exquisite creations by various brilliant artist. But does the book end there, oh no , you are also treated to a gallery of the author's amazing creativity. These pieces will blow your mind. They are truly gorgeous. IN SUMMATION: I found this book to be published in the highest quality. The photography as mentioned earlier is beautiful. Sabine Lippert is a brilliant artist. She has been praised by several well known authors and artist such as: SHERRY SERAFINI, RACHEL NELSON-SMITH & SUZANNE GOLDEN, just to mention a few. You will not be disappointed with the projects in this book, they are absolutely gorgeous. I would be proud to wear any of her pieces. They are extremely wearable. Sabine shows such elegance in her pieces. This is such a grand opportunity for all to be able to recreate such unique and stunning jewelry. This beautiful publication deserves a spot in all crafting libraries. I would like to leave you with this quote from the author herself, "I WANT TO INFECT YOU WITH MY OBSESSION WITH BEADS". I have a sneaky suspicion that this publication is doing just that...And now for your enjoyment a few more pictures of Sabine Lippert's creativity.

Monday, May 7, 2012


BOOK GIVEAWAY WINNER HAS BEEN CHOSEN GIVE AWAY IS OVER.That's right this book is up for grabs thanks to LARK JEWELRY & BEADING. LARK CRAFTS very generously sent me this book to me to give away to some lucky wire & beading enthusiast . Let me show you this book and then give you the details on entering the giveaway.
Now to the details for entry: This giveaway starts 5/7/2012 and ends 5/21/2012 Under this post you will see the word comment. Click on the word comment and leave a comment on this giveaway Or scroll down till you see a white box with word comment in it and you can leave comment there . Then look to the right of these instructions and you should see join this site click on that to follow my blog, you must join the site. Then leave a post on facebook about this giveaway. If you tweet about it that is another entry for you. WaLa that is it you are registered for this giveaway. If you are lucky winner postage is free also along with this fabtabulous book written by Janice Berkebile & Tracy Stanley . If you are the lucky winner you are gonna be blown away by the 500 how to photos. These ladies made sure you could follow their instructions easily. You want be disappointed to be sure. So good luck

Saturday, May 5, 2012


Ginger Snaps Scraps National Scrapbook Month Giveaway Our friends over at Ginger Snaps Scraps have a big giveaway going on for National Scrapbook Month with loads of great prizes up for grabs including a 2-month RRR Monthly Ribbon Club Membership