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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Mixed Media Domino Pendant Tutorial: Using Resin as a topcoat.

An Inside Look at a Craft Fair Jury

An Inside Look at a Craft Fair Jury

Thursday, September 27, 2012


SHRINK! SHRANK! SHRUNK! by Kathy Sheldon co-author of FA LA LA LA FELT Published by LARK CRAFTS/ STERLING Publishing Co. 128 page paperback book $21.95 ISBN 978-1-4547-0349-5 facebook.com/LarkJewelryBeading Kathy Sheldon is author of and development editor for Many gardening, outdoor living, and craft books, including CRAFT HOPE, FA LA LA LA FELT and HEART FELT HOLIDAY. She is a jewelry editor at LARK CRAFTS in Asheville, North Carolina. Visit her website. shrinkshrankshrunk.com for more shrink plastic jewelry projects, graphics , and techniques. You will find more than 30 fun, cool, and gorgeous and inspiring projects with bonus doodles from AIMEE RAY to trace or print onto your shrink plastic jewelry. Starting on page 10 Kathy covers shrink plastic basics. What is shrink plastic. Is it safe. Then shrink plastic materials and tools. Tools and materials for drawing and coloring. Then she moves on to Baking equipment, jewelry pliers and wire cutters, and findings. She then talks about shrink plastic techniques. How to shrink the plastic, sanding the plastic, decorating shrink plastic before baking, cutting and punching shrink plastic, baking the shrink plastic or shrinking with a heat gun, sealing the project, printing on shrink plastic, shaping shrink plastic, fusing, adding jump rings, making simple loop, and making a wrapped loop. Then the projects begin. 30 fun informative projects with step by step instructions. The fun doesn't stop there, on pages 110-124 you receive shrink plastic templates. On pages 125-127 Kathy talks about the contributing designers. This is such a colorful fun book with adorable projects. It would be fun projects for mother and daughter to do together. The inventor of Shrinky Dinks, Betty J. Morris, had this to say and I quote "SHRINK! SHRANK! SHRUNK! provides all kinds of creative jewelry from shrink plastic that everyone will enjoy making and sharing!" Such a delightful book and would make a fantastic addition to your crafting library. Please enjoy the pictures below taken from this publication.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Necklaceology by Candie Cooper

necklaceology by Candie Cooper Larkcrafts/Sterling Publishing 2012 Paperback 144 pages 40 projects $24.95 Larkcrafts.com facebook.com/LarkJewelryBeading About the Author: Candie Cooper is the best selling author of Metalworking 101 for Beaders , Felted Jewelry , and Designer Needle Felting all published by Lark Books. Candie is also the host of the public television series HANDS ON. She's an adjunct instructor in the art department at Manchester College and teaches creative workshops internationally. At the beginning of the book Candie covers Materials and Techniques needed to create the 40 different projects. The projects include Collars and chokers, princess-length baubles, Marvelous Mantinee's, elegant operas, and ropes to twirl and spin. Next Candie covers Materials and Tools needed to create the projects. In Techniques She gives you all the information you'll need for successful necklaceology. The projects begin on page 30 and end on page 141. Each project gives you a list of things to collect, tools needed and techniques used along with dimensions. Each project also has written steps accompanied by pictures and sketchbook illustrations. Necklaceology is an extremely informative book. The photography is brilliant. The projects are just gorgeous and very doable and wearable. Candie Cooper is an extremely accomplished jewelry designer, teacher, and author. She has written and excellent informative and beautiful Book with 40, yes I said 40, projects that are exciting, gorgeous, and youthful. This Book totally delivers very current, fashionable intriguing designs. I absolutely love this book thank you Candie and Larkcrafts/Sterling publishing.

necklaceology « Lark Crafts Lark Crafts

necklaceology « Lark Crafts Lark Crafts

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Multicolored or monochromatic design palettes? Vote on Facebook for a chance to win a great Jill Wiseman gift set: http://bit.ly/U6l3Lv FOUR free beading projects, two each from Mabeline Gidez and Melissa Grakowsky: http://www.larkcrafts.com/jewelry-beading/i-can-previews/ [Or you can use the shortened URL: http://bit.ly/Uj9Rv2] Just fyi, the gift set includes a copy of Jill Wiseman's Beautiful Beaded Ropes signed by Jill AND a materials kit for the Dew Drop Spiral Necklace featured in the book PLUS a special bonus: a copy of Showcase 500 Beaded Jewelry signed by Ray Hemachandra (well, me).

Friday, September 14, 2012

BEADS FOR BLOG POST: Start here | Preciosa Ornela

BEADS FOR BLOG POST: Start here | Preciosa Ornela
This is a fabtabulous giveaway.  Preciosa Ornela is going that extra mile to help others with their generosity.  Check out their stunning line of beads and things...

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Inspiration & Collaboration; the social artist: Giveaway Time!!!!!

Inspiration & Collaboration; the social artist: Giveaway Time!!!!!

Soul's Fire Designs: A Celebration, A Sale, and a Giveaway!

Soul's Fire Designs: A Celebration, A Sale, and a Giveaway!

Hardware Jewelery


Cleaning Beads Sandra Paluzzi The Bead Peddler® B.J. Mack supplied the initial tip for this column. She washes her beads in an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner with very mild jewelry cleaner containing no ammonia and no alcohol. This is the jewelry cleaner that is safe for use with pearls. She starts drying them by first blotting them between layers of paper towels. After she removes all the excess moisture, she dries the hole with a hair dryer. The hair drier is placed on a low setting and is held a good foot away from the beads. She uses this technique on all beads, particularly Indian beads, except for seed beads. The beads come out clean, bright and sparkly. ******************** I place my beads into a colander that is then placed inside a bowl. I wash them with Woolite® , rinse them with clear water, blot them with paper towels and let them air dry. Some people just use warm water. ******************** Still others put beads inside panty hose and run them through the dish washer. However, not all beads can be placed in the dish washer. For example, inside color furnace wound beads should not be run through the dish washer - the cores can separate. ******************** Alice Walker uses a denture cleaner tablet such as Efferdent or Polident to clean her beads. She says that the beads are sparkling by the time the tablet is through fizzing. She then just rinses them with clear water and lays them on a terry cloth towel to dry overnight. Alice does caution not to use this method on glass pearls with a coating. ******************** Bev uses two parts water to one part lemon juice to wash or clean jewelry. She just swishes them around in the liquid....to clean sterling silver, she adds a little baking soda to the liquid, making it a kind of pasty consistency and then uses that to clean off the s.s. ********************

Sunday, September 9, 2012


The minute I opened this 120 page hardcover book containing 24 wearable jewelry projects in multiple stitches,I knew why it was so highly anticipated. The jewelry designs are stunning, elaborate, magnificent and brilliant. The photography is outstanding. The author Jill Wiseman began beading in 2001, and since beginning to bead her life hasn't been the same. Her true love is beadweaving. Her natural aptitude for the craft was encouraged by local instructors and eventually led to a full-time teaching and design career of her own, first locally and now nationwide. Jill has taught at the Bead and Button Show, various Bead Fest shows, and bead stores and bead societies from coast to coast. Jill and her mother, June Wiseman created a business called Tapestry Beads. Jill has received an abundance of praise from fellow Artist such as Laura McCabe, Maggie Roschyk, Carol Dean Sharpe, and Sabine Lippert just to mention a few. From chapters 2 through 7 you are treated to 24 gorgeous jewelry projects. Each project has written instructions and stitching figures that are easily understood and followed. Before the projects begin you are given complete instructions on supplies and techniques in chapter 1. In Chapter 2 the projects begin with spiral ropes. In chapter 3 peyote ropes. In chapter 4 Netted ropes. In chapter 5 Herring bone ropes. In Chapter 6 Raw ropes. In chapter 7 you cover Other stitches such as Oglala stitch, Brick stitch and Chevron stitch. The instructions are truly informative and easy to follow. Jill Wisman's extensive knowledge really shines through in this publication. Her total presentation is utterly brilliant. I feel so honored to have this book gracing my bookshelf and I know you will love it also. Please enjoy the following pictures of some of the projects.

Friday, September 7, 2012


Hello guys and gals. Do you ever get tired of setting up the same ole booth for every show ? Or could it be that this is your first craft show to be in and you are at a loss as to how to set your booth up? Well I have been looking about on the internet for a few cool ideas and I have found several booth images for you on google images. So sit back prop your feet up and take a look. I truly hope these images help you with your booth problems.