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Monday, July 8, 2013

Jewelry Projects from a BEADING INSIDER by Cathy Jakicic

Cathy Jakicic is from Chicago but she moved to Milwaukee to attend Marquette University in the early 80's and made it her home. She made jewelry in the early hours of the morning while working the late shift at a Milwaukee daily newspaper right after college. In 2005 she went to work as editor of Bead Style which was her dream job. After decades of beading, Cathy is still learning new skills at the annual Bead and Button Show in Milwaukee. She frequently donates her beaded work to Non Profit Organizations- primarily those who support the arts as well as health and welfare of women and families. Cathy shares her Beading secrets, tips and tricks with us all in this amazing, educational and inspirational publication. I am a very proud owner of this publication. There are certain questions I have had for a long while and just couldn't get a clear answer to. Well no more, I got my clear answers from Cathy Jakicic Brilliant Book. Cathy packs a tremendous amount of information into this 95 page publication. She even explains how to use her book to get the most out of it. She even covers the materials she used in this book such as: Beads, stringing materials, finishings, and findings. Cathy then moves on to show you the tools she used in creating the projects in this book such as: pliers, gliders paste, swellegant, sealants, patinas, and many other helpers like: calipers, beadboards, thread conditioner, buffers, and color wheel. Next you move onto Skill-Building Workshops. Cathy points out and I quote, "Making, wrapping, plain loops, wire wrapping, and crimping are the building blocks for most projects. And Mastering these crucial skills comes with a bonus: the confidence to focus on designing." Cathy helps you to realize and accept that you don't have to be perfect to make gorgeous jewelry. She points out that a quest for perfection sometimes paralyzes the creative spirit. You are taught how to wrap loops, wire crochet, gilding and buffing, bead weaving, plain loop,and crimping . Cathy points out that learning the crimping skill is very important for you to nail. It is escentual that your jewelry doesn't fall apart on the person you are gifting or selling it to. You are taught multistrand, how to wire wrap briolettes, how to custom color dye pearls, and color combinations. After learning all the skills listed above there is a very fun pause for a creativity boost. In this section you do learn how to make the most out of your bead stashes and gather inspiration from them. There is even an updated project that is kid friendly. The only hint I will give you about it is- Childhood memories revamped. In the designing with section of this book you learn how to design with gemstones. You are even given some extremely smart shopping tips that I'm so glad to know. You will marvel at the use of earthy materials such as smooth river rocks. You are taught how to over come the stumbling blocks of using lampworked and other focal masterpiece beads. Sometimes the fear of not doing those particular types of beads justice can paralyze your creativity and your quest for inspiration. Cathy thoroughly covers designing with charms, lucite, crystals, chain, ribbon, bold stones, silver, gold, copper, clear stones, exotic, and asymmetry. I have been beading for over 13 years and I have never used memory wire. I had planned on buying it many times but I literally had too many irons in the fire at the time. Cathy's memory wire project has inspired me to stop putting it off and go for it. Cathy even shows us all how to take an old piece of jewelry and restyle it to make it more you or more current. I absolutely adored the classic update on pearls, it is stunning. At the end of the book you are given a list of materials and supplies used in each amazing project. Cathy also very generously shares her resources with you. Then as if all that wasn't enough Cathy takes us all through a quick techniques review. This amazing lady covers all bases for a major home run. I highly recommend her book. Cathy is a very kind and generous author and teacher. This book is available in book stores and from Kalmbach Publishing Company. To order directly you can call (800) 533-6644 or go online at www.kalmbachstore.com

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