Hello: My name is Jacqueline Marchant. I am a Jewelry designer /creator and book reviewer for some very famous crafting publishing companies. When you check out my book reviews you will learn who they are. In these reviews you will receive loads of information and my feelings about the publication. I have learned an extraodinary amount about all the many facets and mediums in designing and creating jewelry from these books and I am over the moon that I have them to refer to , they have been a god send to me. IN THIS BLOG YOU WILL FIND TONS OF INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS I HAVE FOUND IN MY SEARCH FOR KNOWLEDGE,THESE VIDEOS HAVE BEEN GRACIOUSLY SUPPLIED ONLINE FOR US ALL TO LEARN FROM BY SOME VERY TALENTED, BRILLIANT ARTIST. i HAVE LEARNED FROM THESE VARIOUS VIDEOS FROM YOU TUBE AND OTHER PLACES ON THE WORLD WIDE WEB AND PLACE THEM ON MY BLOG SO I CAN READLY REFER TO THEM FROM TIME TO TIME AND I HOPE YOU FIND THEM HELPFUL ALSO, I HOPE TO ONE DAY BE AS BRILLIANT AS THESE VIDEO TEACHERS.To learn more from these various artist just click on title of videos to link to all their other tutorials...thank you ... YOU WILL ALSO SEE SOME PICS OF MY WORK, AND SOME OF MY ADVENTURES. I ALSO LIKE INCLUDING OTHER ARTISANS SITES FOR YOU TO EXPLORE. I FIND THE MORE YOU EXPLORE THE MORE YOU LEARN AND BY DOING THIS YOU GET INSPIRATION TO CREATE YOUR VERY OWN ONE OF A KIND MASTERPIECE. HOPE YOU ENJOY MY BLOG AND COME BACK AGAIN . WHILE HERE PLEASE FEEL FREE TO JOIN MY BLOG.


Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Hey there friends and family, so sorry I have been away for so long....I was sick for a long while and had to have surgery then hospital stay and home to recover. But now I am back to normal well as normal as I get...LOL....Well anyway I am ready to resume my book reviews and boy do I have a stack of them to catch up on...I will get them all read and reviewed soon hopfully. Thank you all for not giving up on me...Glad to see you are all still stopping by...I will get some new videos posted soon also...Okay well bye for now and Happy reading and beading your friend Jacqueline Marchant


  1. So glad you got that surgery over with - hope you are back normal soon! I hope that Thanksgiving and Christmas will be a snap for you this year now that you're feeling better.

  2. Hope you are feeling better each day and that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Glad you're back!


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