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Sunday, August 10, 2014


Okay so maybe a bit of exaggeration ...tehehe...I have finished the painting just have to remove the painting tape....Hubby got shelving put up in room and closet ...they look awesome...now to organize shelves and sort through piles of beading and jewelry making supplies ....Hope I get it accomplished soon so I can get back to communication with all my followers and supplying all the latest and greatest knowledge I can gather for all of you... I also have been so very busy crocheting tons of wintery baby items for my very first great grandbaby (a girl and her name is Zoe she will be here in October)...I have had a birthday this past July made it to 59....Don't know if I should be happy about that or not...lol...Here are some pics of what I have been making...
I am however anxious to get back to my jewelry designing and creating. I miss it and have loads of designs I want to take a stab at...I have loads of techniques yet to try and perfect...As i do this I will be sharing all my oops and goofs and accomplishments...So hope you visit often and leave me you advice and views...ty for stopping by and hope to see ya again real soon...bye for now to you one and all ...

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  1. Jacqueline, I love the pretty crocheted items you made. I just recently posted on clearing up the clutter too-that's too funny. Can't wait to see what you design next. I always love your jewelry pieces! Happy belated birthday!!!!


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