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Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Aimee Rays Sweet & Simple Jewelry. 17 Designers, 10 Techniques & 32 Projects to Make . Text and Illustration by Aimee Ray. Published by: Lark Jewelry & Beading an Imprint of Sterling Publishing. About the authors: Aimee Ray and Kathy Sheldon Aimee Ray, is an artist, illustrator and creator. She is also the author of Doodle Stitching: Embroidery and Beyond, Doodle Stitching, and Doodle-stitching: The Motif Colloection,and she has contributed to many other Lark titles. www.dreamfollow.com and www.littledeartracks.blogspot.com Kathy Sheldon: Writes, edits and packages craft books. She has written and edited many books, including- Shrink! Shrank! Shrunk : Making Shrink Plastic Jewelry, Fa la la la Felt!, and Heart-Felt Holidays. Kathy says she is her happiest when she is creating. As mentioned there are 17 designers who contributed to this adorable fun book. All designers are accomplished artist and have a strong love of beads and the jewelry they make. Several of these designers have etsy shops, studios and blogs. As I look through this publication at the individual projects they put a smile on my face. So I called them the happy projects. They just oozed fun and happiness to me. At the beginning of this book you are given a birds eye view of all the projects in gallery form of small photographs. They really give energy and enthusiasm to your designing and creating appetite. Some of these projects might even be a way of introducing daughters and nieces or grand daughters into the world of creating jewelry. Then Aimee and Kathy make sure they cover the basics with the help of all their designer friends. You know what I mean by basics right? Materials needed such as: felt, fabric, embroidery hoops, beads, cabochons, buttons, polymer clay, epoxy clay, etccccc. Then they cover the tools you will need like pliers and cutters,, scissors, hole punches, just to name a few. They move on to the techniques you will learn and use. Such as embroidery essentials: hoop, thread, and stitch, tying knots. Making cabochons and cameos. Then needle felting and making shrink plastic jewelry. Along the way you will receive handy little tips. You will learn about adding jump rings, making a simple loop, making a simple loop link, making a wrapped loop, and making a wrapped loop link. After all of this generous and juicy information gets those creative gears in your head cranked up well then the projects begin. For each individual project there will be a material and tool list for said project. You will have step by step written instructions and for some of the projects there will be illustrations and beautiful pictures of the finished pieces. In the back of the book you are provided with templates. Then you get to read: info about each incredible designer, a section about authors and acknowledgments then index. I think I am going to dive into the polymer clay projects first. I hope you enjoy your copy of this SWEET & SIMPLE JEWELRY project book. LARKBOOKS.COM
Jacqueline Marchant-Book Reviewer

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