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Monday, March 31, 2014

SHAPED BEADWORK & BEYOND by Diane Fitzgerald

SHAPED BEAD WORK & BEYOND (Dimensional Jewelry in Peyote Stitch) by Diane Fitzgerald and Published by LARK JEWELRY & BEADING an Imprint of STERLING PUBLISHING larkcrafts.com . The amazing and brilliant author Diane Fitzgerald has had a full life with family, a graduate degree in mass communications and working in the electric utilities. Diane has had a love for beads since she was a young girl of ten years old. So Diane decided to make beads her full time career and has never looked back. Diane learned from many great people such as Horace Goodhue- (author of Indian bead-weaving patterns), Carol Perrenoud (Carol Perrenoud is a bead artist, teacher, and entrepreneur) , Virginia Blakelock- (Working in isolation for 10 years, Virginia emerged as the most important artist of the “new beadwork” movement on the west coast. Her book “Those Bad Bad Beads” was the first modern approach to beadwork; she was the first to describe the herringbone and African helix stitches. Virginia’s work is featured in Beading Across America, available from Kalmbach Books.), and Helen Banes- (Helen was a Torpedo Factory artist from 1983 – 2010. She was among the founders of both Fiberworks and the Bead Society of Greater Washington. An author and teacher as well as an artist, Helen also taught for the Smithsonian Associates Program.) What an amazing group of artist and teachers. After learning all she could, she began designing jewelry with beads and writing and illustrating instructions for teaching and for her very own publications. Diane has traveled all over the world learning and making many life time friends. Diane is an original member of the group of Swarovski Ambassadors. Including this book, Diane has written and even dozen books. This 176 page large soft cover book, is just absolutely crammed full of Diane's knowledge and designs. I truly don't think she left any stone unturned in her administrations to detail. Diane has shown her true generosity and it shines brightly in this publication. I love the photography and the detailed illustrations are extremely helpful. A quick shout out to : Mindy Brooks the technical editor, Nathalie Mornu the editor, Melissa Grakowsky Shippee the Illustrator, Lynne Harty the photographer, and Kathleen Holmes the art director. In the beginning all the ground rules, Techniques, patterns, supplies and tools are laid out for you. This gives you all you need to have in order to learn and make these amazing fun designs. You will learn all about Dimensional jewelry in Peyote stitch. You are also given a lesson on essential knots you will need to know. Like I said Diane leaves no stone unturned . She not only tells us how to do the stitches but how to undo them also. She talks to us about preparing the thread, melting thread tails, forming a ring of beads, adding thread, and how to add 3 beads at a corner ....Oh and positioning beads. Well if that don't have your head spinning we're not done yet...ha ha ...You will learn about triangles, pentagons, hexagons and squares. You will be taught all about Temari beads, chevron pendants, how to incorporate crystals into the design, Bumpy Icosa beads and how to make a five point star. Several of the designs have variations which to me is just icing on the cake. You will learn so many designs, such as the tear drop and the elongated tear drop. You will be able to make the Radiance pendant, Butterflies and beaded beads, cute pillow beads and Moorish tile beads. What an abundance of brilliance you get...the designs I have mentioned and tons more are accompanied by photgraphed, illustrated, and written instructions. I could tell you all the many things you are going to learn and be able to make but there has to be some surprises and believe me when I say to you there are surprises. You will not be disappointed in any way, shape or form. I hope this information about Diane Fitzgerald's book has been helpful in your decision to run right out and get your copy today or better yet order at larkcrafts.com. Thank you, bye for now Jacqueline Marchant , Reviewer

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